Thursday, February 3, 2011

Before I had kids...

So, before I had kids, I used my hands to do art - With a Knife.
I miss it terribly.  I know, or at least hope, that I will eventually get back to it.  Until then, I've been using a safer medium around the children.  I do love the ink and watercolor, but what the knife does to the wood is riskier.  The wood is forever changed.  This same exhilaration can also be very Frustrating.  One wrong move and you have to start over or change the entire piece.  I also love repetitive work, patterns.  The whole process is a great form of meditation.   You have to be calm, or it just will not work.

I think my mother inlaw has this one
My First Frame - Given to Maggie

                                                                               My Second Frame - Given to Mieka

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