Sunday, March 13, 2011

My next piece?

This painting is called The Carpenter by Carl Larsson.  I love his work and I think this would be fantastic to recreate.   In honor of my husband, painting a picture with a hand plane in it would make him very happy indeed.  

The Carpenter, Carl Larsson


This is what I'm currently on.

It might be done... just not sure.

It's stapled and taped to a big board waiting for me to make a decision. Although there isn't much color, there is more than you can see from this pic... I'll try and get a better one once it's done.

I really like the strong ink with the minimal color. I'm really not an "animal" person, but they do make for really great illustrations.

I'm thinking of recreating a Carl Larson water color next... The focus on color would be much greater, we'll see. I'm also working on a Calvin and Hobbs for Ryan - Embarrassingly enough, I had to ask him which one was Calvin and which one was Hobbs. He just shook his head at me.

Until next time....
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